As much as possible, updates and publishes only real information in real-time.
At the time we started in 2012, some companies were posting information on their own rental apartments and their own condominiums they wanted to sell. They would have an apartment listed for $1000. They would not know a similar apartment, one block away, was only $500. During this time, the market was very unclear and the prices published were what the owner wanted and not a fair price for all.

Angkor-home.come is a real estate portal site. This is a place you can go to find apartments and condominiums from many different sources. Thus, you will see both the $1,000 and the $500 property all in one place. We help owners find customers and customers find affordable properties.

Our goal is to make things simple and easy to use. We will help both the customer and the owner. We will publish correct information and keep the promises we make. We want to help Cambodia develop into a more competitive and reliable market place.

Sincerely yours,
Hideaki Aoyama Chief Administrator
Life Design Partners Co., LTD
Chief executive officer